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A Personal Voter Registration Drive
Questions & Answers

Where Should I Go To Register Voters?

Any where there are people. When asked “Why do you rob banks?” – John Dillinger replied, “Because that’s where all the money is”. The same holds true for registering voters. My favorite spot so far is a college campus. Besides being a beautiful place to be, it’s nice to surround yourself with smart people. Many students haven’t taken the time to register to vote. By making it comfortable and convenient you’ll be able to sign up a lot of students. Just call the campus and find out what their policy is. They’ll probably welcome you with open arms and think what a nice person you are. I can’t believe how nice people have been to me.

What Should I Bring?

Voter registration forms, a pen, maybe a clip board as well. If you have a sign that lets people know what you’re doing, it helps a lot. Check to see if voter registration posters are available locally. An issue sign is a great way to generate interest. I’ve been using a John Kerry sign and it works really well. An issue sign works great to attract like minded voters. Some other issues might be women’s rights, ecology, global warming, jobs, war & peace, where is Bin Ladden, anything that sparks interest or starts a conversation. It’s really a lot of fun to hear what people think. Remember, this is a personal voter registration drive, so make it about something you care about.

How Long Does It Take?

As little or as much time as you want to spend is exactly right. I work full time so I can only spend three or four hours a week. In six weeks, so far I’ve managed to sign up 3141592 like minded voters, and it’s been one of the most rewarding and enjoyable things I’ve ever done.

What Should I Expect?

One really amazing thing that you should expect is for people to be really nice to you. I can hardly believe how kind and supportive people have been. Every day I’ve been out so far at least one complete stranger has walked up to me and thanked me for “being here and doing this”. WOW! These people absolutely amaze me.

What If Someone With An Opposing View Wants To Register?

Sign them up and shake their hand. Isn’t this a great country!